internet marketing

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become extremely crucial in today’s competitive world. We offer a deluge of internet marketing services at very reasonable rates and to the full satisfaction of the clients. Our chief services include:

Search Engine Optimization

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization services wherein our technicians deploy powerful marketing strategies to increase the visibility of the client’s website. We excel in SEM operations and can sharply & quickly improve the Google ranking of your webpage. Some of the benefits of our SEO packages are:

  • Improvement in Google ranking
  • Higher traffic
  • High ROI
  • High conversion rate
  • Sales augmentation
Pay Per Click

We can also start a Pay Per Click campaign for you wherein you can earn revenue by promoting other websites. Every time a reader clicks on the link, a pre-decided sum of money is credited to your account and the visitor is directed to the website which is being promoted. This is a reliable and guaranteed method of earning revenue over a long time. Our PPC packages are decently priced and encompass numerous benefits for the clients.

Search Engine Marketing

Our SEM packages have been designed to quickly improve the page ranking of the client’s website to boost its traffic. We take pride in our efficient technicians who are extremely dexterous and hugely knowledgeable in this sphere. Using a number of internet marketing strategies, they can offer customized solutions to the clients and fulfill all requirements.

Social Bookmarking and Link Building

We offer excellent Social Bookmarking service wherein we bookmark your website linking it with relevant keywords. Benefits of social bookmarking include:

  • Traffic inflow
  • High PR ranking
  • Improvement in ranking in search engines
  • Content creation

Link Building is another powerful method of increasing the popularity of a website. By opting for our Link Building packages, you can not merely increase the traffic to your page but also increase the revenue. Benefits of link building include:

  • High traffic inflow from various links
  • Site indexing benefits
  • Improvement in Google ranking
Directory & Article Submission

By submitting your website to a number of directories, we can improve the page ranking of your site and also improve the traffic flowing into your page. We also offer article submission wherein content-filled articles are penned and submitted to fetch traffic from various sources. Benefits of Directory & Article Submission include:

  • High quality back links
  • Improvement in page rank
  • Increase in accessibility and visibility
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is yet another effective means of popularizing a page and at the same time earning oodles of money. This is a win-win situation for both the affiliate and the merchant. The affiliate promotes your website and your products and in return gets paid for his services. 3 chief tools of Affiliate Marketing are Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale. Key benefits of Affiliate Marketing are:

  • Brand development
  • Product promotion
  • Content renovation

We offer powerful Affiliate Marketing campaign strategy that has been designed to tap hundreds of potential customers from various sources. Our professionally equipped team is deft enough to proffer custom-made web-based solutions in this regard.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is another powerful way of optimizing a website by promoting it in social networking sites like facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, etc and in Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hub and Blogger. We have acquired a peerless mastery in the craft of bringing traffic from these popular social channels for all our clients through our strategic mechanisms. Benefits of SMO include:

  • Direct traffic
  • Brand building
  • Improved visibility
  • Attracting new clients by content creation
Social Media Marketing

By doing market research and trend analysis, we can advertise your products in social media. Social media marketing greatly helps in brand monitoring and in creating a loyal following. Chief benefits of SMM include:

  • Building a loyal community
  • Trend analysis
  • Smarter marketing
Content creation/translation

As the proverb goes, word is mightier than the sword. We take pride in our team of content writers & translators who are wizards of words. They can create attractive & fresh content for you which will not only draw in thousands of readers (potential clients) but will also impress the Google spider. We also specialize in keyword-based content writing particularly to help improve Google ranking for SEO purpose. Benefits of Content creation/translation include:

  • Improvement in ranking
  • Inflow of traffic
  • High-quality writing also assists in convincing potential clients
  • Economic